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We show the following Matches scheduled as of Sunday, May 19th, 2019 at 9:46am PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Matches are received by SSRA from requesting Clients.

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MatchDateTime ShowShowShowShowShowShowHideFieldHideTeamsReferee(s)
1222505/19/20196:00 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryPATRIOTAT vs SHQIPONJATRef:Accept
1222515/19/20194:00 pmLake Forest Park ElementaryILIRIA vs FUQIJA E MUJITRef:Accept
1224175/19/20192:00 pmRidgecrest School WLC Sounders vs Mag Marau...Ref:Open
1224185/19/20193:00 pmRidgecrest School WHW Midnight Dragons vs B...Ref:Open
1224205/19/201910:00 amSalmon Bay SchoolWD New Turbos vs Bal Fir...Ref:Open
1224215/19/201911:00 amSalmon Bay SchoolBal Cheetahs vs CH Panth...Ref:Accept
1224225/19/201912:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolWD Thunder Dragons vs Ma...Ref:Accept
1224235/19/20191:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolBal Sharks vs QA OrcasRef:Accept
1224465/19/20191:00 pmVan Asselt ElementaryBH Crickets vs WD Lava R...Ref:Accept
1224475/19/20192:00 pmVan Asselt ElementaryMBL Lightning Bolts vs Q...Ref:Accept
1224135/19/201910:00 amRidgecrest School WBal Thunderbolts vs WD L...Ref:Open
1224145/19/201911:00 amRidgecrest School WLVR Skybenders vs WD SOC...Ref:Open
1224155/19/201912:00 pmRidgecrest School WLC Disco Dogs vs SYSA OL...Ref:Open
1224165/19/20191:00 pmRidgecrest School WSL Pixies vs Bal Cheetah...Ref:Open
1224195/19/20194:00 pmRidgecrest School WSL Ivy Girls vs Bal Fier...Ref:Open
1224245/19/20192:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolBal Electric Hotdogs vs ...Ref:Accept
1224255/19/20193:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolWD Orange Fire Sharks vs...Ref:Accept
1224265/19/20194:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolQA Black Panthers vs McG...Ref:Accept
1224275/19/20195:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolSYSA St. Johns Stars vs ...Ref:Accept
1224285/19/20196:00 pmSalmon Bay SchoolBal Blue Eagles vs WD Sp...Ref:Open
1224455/19/201912:00 pmVan Asselt ElementaryBH Mega Mighty Grasshopp...Ref:Unconfirmed
1224485/19/20193:00 pmVan Asselt ElementaryBH Chickadees vs MBL Bla...Ref:Accept
1224495/19/20194:00 pmVan Asselt ElementaryMBL Golden Cheetahs vs M...Ref:Open
1224045/19/20192:00 pmEckstein WestBAL Heroes vs LVR Team B...Ref:Open
1224395/19/20194:00 pmShoreline A1SL Cosmos vs LC KaosRef:Open
1224525/19/201911:00 amWhitman MSBAL Dragons vs BAL Shmeb...Ref:Accept
1224535/19/201911:00 amWhitman MSWD Golden Hornets vs WD ...Ref:Accept
1224545/19/201912:00 pmWhitman MSMag Hawkeyes vs McG Mini...Ref:Accept
1224585/19/20192:00 pmWhitman MSBAL Turf Monkeys vs HW P...Ref:Open
1224595/19/20192:00 pmWhitman MSWD Thunder Sharks vs QA ...Ref:Open
1224645/19/20195:00 pmWhitman MSBAL Wolfpack vs WD Orang...Ref:Open Mtr:Open
1224665/19/20196:00 pmWhitman MSBAL Sonic Sounders vs WD...Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
1224055/19/20193:00 pmEckstein WestHW Golden Bummblebees vs...Ref:Accept
1224075/19/20194:00 pmEckstein WestLVR Fire Foxes vs LVR Po...Ref:Accept
1224505/19/201910:00 amWhitman MSWD Wildcats vs McG Light...Ref:Accept
1224515/19/201910:00 amWhitman MSBAL Electrons vs BAL Sup...Ref:Open
1224555/19/201912:00 pmWhitman MSBAL Mad Badgers vs Mag M...Ref:Accept
1224565/19/20191:00 pmWhitman MSHW Speedy Cheetahs vs BA...Ref:Accept
1224575/19/20191:00 pmWhitman MSWD Soccer Llamas vs CH F...Ref:Open
1224605/19/20193:00 pmWhitman MSLVR Ursa Majors vs MBL T...Ref:Open
1224625/19/20194:00 pmWhitman MSSYSA Jambo Jr's vs CH Fl...Ref:Open
1224635/19/20194:00 pmWhitman MSSYSA Super Soccer Sea St...Ref:Open
1224655/19/20195:00 pmWhitman MSSL Storm vs MBL Lightnin...Ref:Accept
1224095/19/20195:00 pmEckstein WestLVR Those Guys vs MBL Li...Ref:Open
1224295/19/20191:00 pmShoreline A1HW Lightning Falcons vs ...Ref:Open
1224355/19/20193:00 pmShoreline B2Bal Spitting Cobras of D...Ref:Open
1224415/19/20195:00 pmShoreline B2WD Orange Crows vs SYSA ...Ref:Open
1224425/19/20195:00 pmShoreline A1Bal Rangers vs LVR Argon...Ref:Open
1223985/19/201911:00 amEckstein WestWD Orange Dragons vs LVR...Ref:Accept
1223995/19/201912:00 pmEckstein EastLVR Supremes vs HW Pink ...Ref:Accept
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