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SSRA pays monthly by Direct Deposit as long as you have done your match report. Your payment deposit will show on your statement as an ACH payment and won't necessarily say Seattle Referee. To ensure you get paid for any match worked, fill out your report as soon as you get home. If you fail to file a match report, you can not get paid as your match report serves as your invoice to the clubs. Additionally, recreational teams use your report for standings for their regular season games.

Payments are made by the last day of the month, although we try to pay the third Wednesday of the month for the games worked the month before. In other words, games worked for the Seattle Chapter in September will get paid in October. We bill the clubs and leagues for the services performed the previous month, usually by the end of the first week of the month. By the time they remit payment to SSRA, there is just enough time to initiate Direct Deposit (which takes three business days) and get the referees paid.

TO ENTER YOUR BANK INFORMATION: Log in to On the left navigation bar is Services. Click on that and you will see a link to Profile. Click on that, and you will see Banking. When you click on the banking tab, you will see blank areas in which to put in your banking information and social security number which is needed for the IRS. SSRA does not have access to your password or SSN. Updating your banking information by clicking the update button will create a Direct Deposit request which goes to the Accounting Secretary.

IF YOUR BANK IS NOT LISTED: Email Chase Parker at and tell him your Bank and Routing number. He will add the bank. After he adds your bank, you can add your account number in your profile.

DIRECT DEPOSIT REQUESTS FOR A NEW ACCOUNT OR CHANGE OF BANKS WILL NOT SHOW AS CHANGED IN YOUR PROFILE UNTIL YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT AS A NEW REFEREE, OR YOUR NEXT DEPOSIT IF YOU HAVE CHANGED BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS. At the time payroll is generated by the Accounting Secretary (which is done monthly), the information is put into the profile and activated. Remember, you will see your bank request as a request, or pending until this is done. PLEASE DO NOT USE DEBIT CARD ACCOUNT NUMBERS. Refer to a check or bank statement for your account number.

SSRA is charged a fee if you provide an incorrect bank account number which will be charged to the user at the next pay deposit. So please be careful when entering the information in your profile. The site is secure and all information is private.

SSRA no longer issues checks for referee payments.

Form 1099 NEC: This form for the IRS can be found on the website under REFEREE/ACCOUNTING. Adjust to the necessary year. If you earned more than $600.000, SeattleRefs will be filing your 1099-NEC with the IRS as required. As an independent contractor, take time to research what type of expenses can be used to reduce your taxes - examples could be your uniform, mileage, fees and other expenses that are utilized an an official and business owner. Remember, when you check your accounting, that games worked in December, are actually paid in January.

Any specific questions can be directed to the webmaster, Chase Parker, at

Updated March 9, 2021

Chase Parker

SSRA Administrator and Webmaster