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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Saturday, May 27th, 2023 at 5:07pm PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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1404715/21/2023SYSARocket Turtles vs Jaguars0-0
1405025/21/2023SYSABlack Thunder vs Hat Tricks0-0
1404795/21/2023SYSABear vs WD Night Owls5-1
1404945/21/2023SYSAMBL Screaming Tacos vs WD Wi...1-5
1404955/21/2023SYSAMBL Wolfpack vs Emerald City...2-1
1405115/21/2023SYSAWD Orcas vs WD Grand Canyons5-3
1405035/21/2023SYSAWD Wolfpack vs Hornets3-2
1405045/21/2023SYSACosmic Foxes vs Eagles2-2
1405125/21/2023SYSAWD Mighty Hogs vs McG Strike...2-1
1404885/21/2023SYSAThunderstrikers vs Mud Wasps3-0
1405105/21/2023SYSAWD Grape Juice vs McG Pink P...5-4
1404895/21/2023SYSAHW Shooting Stars vs McG Bla...3-1
1404805/21/2023SYSAPurple Reign vs WD Lightning...4-2
1405135/21/2023SYSADragons vs Wrecking Balls3-0
1404975/21/2023SYSAMcG Comets vs CH Tough Spark...1-3
1405055/21/2023SYSAFlaming Narwhals vs Raging K...4-0
1404825/21/2023SYSAChaos Dolphins vs Sharks1-2
1404815/21/2023SYSARainbow Unicorns vs HW Golde...3-0
1405065/21/2023SYSATitanium Thunder Leopards vs...2-0
1405145/21/2023SYSAWD Green Cheetahs vs WD Flam...3-1
1404735/21/2023SYSAPanthers vs Scorpions2-2
1404745/21/2023SYSAFighting Falcons vs Flaming ...0-3
1404765/21/2023SYSARapinoe Power vs Girls Rock ...5-1
1404725/21/2023SYSABanana Ninjas vs Laser Cats0-6
1405155/21/2023SYSANinja Bunnies vs Panthers (2...3-9
1405075/21/2023SYSAFire Hawks vs MBL Rockets1-0
1404965/21/2023SYSAMcG Panthers vs Ninja Bunnie...7-3
1405095/21/2023SYSACascadia Dragons vs Hurrican...1-1
1405175/21/2023SYSAWD FireHawks vs Leopards3-0
1404875/21/2023SYSAGreen Emeralds vs HW Tiger L...2-0
1404755/21/2023SYSAFighting Unicorns vs Lorikee...5-2
1404935/21/2023SYSAHW Lightning Bolts vs Mounta...4-2
1404835/21/2023SYSALightning Squirrels vs TC Un...0-6
1404985/21/2023SYSAMcG Bobcats vs Pink Kitties2-1
1405085/21/2023SYSAWD Orca Whales vs WD Emerald...1-1
1404845/21/2023SYSAShooting Stars vs GOATs1-5
1405015/21/2023SYSAFirecrackers vs Red Comets2-2
1405165/21/2023SYSAFlaming Phoenixes vs MBL Blu...1-4
1404995/21/2023SYSACH Trash Pandas vs Neon Ligh...4-2
1404865/21/2023SYSASnow Leopards vs Orcas3-5
1404785/21/2023SYSAAmazing Jaguars vs Dragonfli...1-0
1405005/21/2023SYSACH Ninja Warriors vs WS BU14...2-3
1404855/21/2023SYSACheetahs vs Red Hot Tigers2-0
1404775/21/2023SYSAAlpine Strikers vs WD Thunde...2-2
1404915/21/2023SYSAEagles vs Hurricanes0-0
1404925/21/2023SYSABanana Slugs vs SYSA Team Bl...2-6
1404905/21/2023SYSAPixies vs HW Speedy Cheetahs2-5
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