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We show the following Match Results from completed SSRA Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Wednesday, June 19th, 2024 at 12:43pm PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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1486176/16/2024SYSALC Strikers vs Purple Flames4-3
1485996/16/2024SYSAM Doom Quokkas - Donnelly Ho...2-9
1486206/16/2024SYSAM Lightning Bolts - John Hil...0-5
1485976/16/2024SYSAWD Flaming Tigers vs WD Rapt...2-7
1485936/16/2024SYSAM Soccer Rockets vs WD Unbea...6-2
1486126/16/2024SYSABH Power Ponies vs Ukraine6-0
1486236/16/2024SYSAHW Dolphins vs Pink Peacocks4-2
1485956/16/2024SYSAF Kiwis vs MBL Sea Dragons1-2
1485966/16/2024SYSAWD Rainbow Unicorns vs F Pot...3-3
1486136/16/2024SYSACH Butterflies vs WD Rainbow...2-5
1486146/16/2024SYSAMBL Fearless Foxes vs Canada2-2
1486116/16/2024SYSAJunior Jewels vs LC The Wolv...3-11
1486216/16/2024SYSALVR Blue Unicorns (Sprague) ...0-3
1486226/16/2024SYSASnow Leopards vs LVR Fox Pac...2-0
1486186/16/2024SYSAGolden Tigers vs Cheetahs0-4
1486196/16/2024SYSALC Blue Dragons vs Bobcats5-3
1485986/16/2024SYSAOrange Devourers vs LC Cloud...3-2
1486166/16/2024SYSAShooting Stars vs Pandas2-16
1485946/16/2024SYSAFireflies vs LVR Dragon Slay...0-4
1486156/16/2024SYSATeal TIgers vs HW Stingrays4-3
1486246/16/2024SYSANinja Dolphins vs Space Unic...8-6
1486056/16/2024SYSALC Jets vs Orca3-5
1486326/16/2024SYSALightning Penguins vs Team T...7-4
1486376/16/2024SYSAWD FireStars vs LC Avengers1-1
1486076/16/2024SYSAMBL Fire Ravens vs HW Otters8-7
1486086/16/2024SYSABlazers vs Pirates7-1
1486046/16/2024SYSALVR Silverbirds (Kulstad) vs...5-0
1486296/16/2024SYSAHW Cheetahs vs Firewaves2-3
1486316/16/2024SYSATeam Rainbow Puma Cheetahs (...6-0
1486366/16/2024SYSALittle Dragons vs LVR Blue T...1-1
1486026/16/2024SYSALVR Golden Warriors (Macek) ...3-1
1486266/16/2024SYSAClovers vs HW Lava Girls0-4
1486096/16/2024SYSAHawks vs LC Bear3-6
1486286/16/2024SYSAHW Thunderboltz vs HW Hornet...4-1
1486336/16/2024SYSANight Owls vs Orcas0-3
1486346/16/2024SYSACosmic Foxes vs Wildcats0-7
1486006/16/2024SYSALVR Panthers (Fine) vs Rainb...3-1
1486356/16/2024SYSAGummy Bears vs Raging Kittie...3-0
1486306/16/2024SYSAGrape Juice vs The Scorpio-D...1-3
1486066/16/2024SYSAMBL Shooting Stars vs Bolts0-0
1486036/16/2024SYSALVR Red Dragons (Harris) vs ...1-2
1486016/16/2024SYSALVR Alpine Strikers (Carver)...4-2
1486106/16/2024SYSAFire Dragons vs LC Jaguars2-4
1486276/16/2024SYSAPixies vs LVR Banana Slugs (...2-2
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