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The following Divisions have Standings currently available for Matches scheduled after 9/1/2016. Click the appropriate "Key" to obtain a detailed results listing or the standings Symbol in the Summary column for summarized and ranked results for the desired grouping.

1SYSAYouth RecFallB.U11Bronze47standings
2SYSAYouth RecFallB.U11Gold46standings
3SYSAYouth RecFallB.U11Silver A51standings
4SYSAYouth RecFallB.U11Silver B50standings
5SYSAYouth RecFallB.U12Bronze40standings
6SYSAYouth RecFallB.U12Gold30standings
7SYSAYouth RecFallB.U12Silver A41standings
8SYSAYouth RecFallB.U12Silver B40standings
9SYSAYouth RecFallB.U13Bronze32standings
10SYSAYouth RecFallB.U13Gold30standings
11SYSAYouth RecFallB.U13Silver30standings
12SYSAYouth RecFallB.U14Gold30standings
13SYSAYouth RecFallB.U14Silver42standings
14SYSAYouth RecFallB.U15Gold42standings
15SYSAYouth RecFallB.U16Gold50standings
16SYSAYouth RecFallB.U17Gold41standings
17SYSAYouth RecFallB.U19Gold42standings
18SYSAYouth RecFallG.U11Gold A51standings
19SYSAYouth RecFallG.U11Gold B52standings
20SYSAYouth RecFallG.U11Gold C38standings
21SYSAYouth RecFallG.U11Silver36standings
22SYSAYouth RecFallG.U12Bronze29standings
23SYSAYouth RecFallG.U12Gold40standings
24SYSAYouth RecFallG.U12Silver66standings
25SYSAYouth RecFallG.U13Gold41standings
26SYSAYouth RecFallG.U13Silver30standings
27SYSAYouth RecFallG.U14Gold55standings
28SYSAYouth RecFallG.U15Gold40standings
29SYSAYouth RecFallG.U19Gold55standings
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To include a result for an SSRATerm scheduled Match in the Standings, the Referee assigned to the Match OR a League Representative will have filed the Match Results.

Seattle Soccer Referee Association welcomes evaluations of our officials. To submit an evaluation, please click on Information: Evaluation, locate the desired Match, click on the appropriate Evaluate and follow the instructions there.

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