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Thursday November 23rd, 2017

CITY TOURNAMENT: Seattle Youth Soccer Association(SYSA) Recreation teams only City Tournament

Double elimination tournament format, with losers of each game dropping down into the consolation bracket. The winner of the Winner's bracket will play the winners of the Consolation bracket, for the Final matches on Sat. 12/16/2017

Second loss for any team and they are out of the tournament, so the stakes are HIGH.

WHO: Boys and Girls U11 through U19 recreation teams that played in the SYSA program this year. No select teams are allowed. No guest players. Only the players that played on the teams this season, are allowed to play in the tournament. Teams to provide Game Sheet and Player cards before each match. Players allowed to wear gloves, sweats or knit hats without strings or ties for wet or cold weather, provided that uniforms are worn outer most. Usual equipment checks, but don't delay the start of the match. Get there early enough for the pregame formalities.

WHEN: Matches start Monday 11/27/2017 and conclude with the Finals for all age groups on Saturday 12/16/2017 at the Ingraham and Shoreline Soccer Complexes. Standard match lengths:

U11 - 12: 30 minute halves, # 4 ball

U13 - 14: 35 minute halves, # 5 ball

U15 - 16: 40 minute halves

U17 - 19: 45 minute halves


WHERE: Matches are played at every available soccer pitch throughout the City and West Seattle, each weekday night and all day long on the weekends.

HOW: ALL MATCHES MUST START ON TIME and MUST HAVE A WINNER. No overtime periods. If there is a tie after standard regulation time, we go directly to kicks from the mark to determine the winner (shoot out). There is no extra time on any pitch. A 5:30 game, means you MUST start at 5:30. We can't have games run long. All the coaches know, that the game halves must be shortened to get them completed in the allotted time. The referee should NEVER be the reason for a shortened match. Start on time and limit halftime to ONLY 5 MINUTES.

This is the only time, because of the tournament format, that you can NOT add time for injuries. Essentially you will be working with a running clock mentality (to stay on time), but please be reasonable about this.

No more than 5 minutes from the end of regulation time until the first kick of the shoot out. As the referee you must move it along, to get a winner.

If there is a protest, the coach must notify the referee and the other coach before you leave the pitch, and it must be marked on the game sheets. The protesting coach must go through their club Disciplinary Representative.

If you issue any misconduct during a match or there is a protest, you must email me immediately following the match (NOT the next day)with all the pertinent information. The team might be playing the next day in some cases, and the issues must be resolved that same night.

ANY PROBLEMS Call or Email Scott at or Cathy at

Cathy 206-861-5399 or

Scott 206-779-5834.

Special Rules for U11:

Friday September 22nd, 2017

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Changes to the Rules of Competition

No heading for U10 & U11 Matches
Build Out Line (BOL) for U10 & U11 Matches

SYSA Fall 2017 Rules of Competition

U10 U11 U12 U13+
# of Players 7 ...Going

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Remember, always check the website and your match assignments within 24 hours of the match and you must complete a match report within 48 hours of the match completion or face possible non pay...

Reporting Red and Yellow Cards

How to write a Misconduct Report
Did you show a yellow or red card? Be sure to file a correct and accurate report. See this document for advice on constructing your report.Going

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