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New(er) Referees & Parents - Sunday Night LIVE: 645p

Sunday Night LIVE: 645p New(er) Referees and Parents of Referees

We designed this session focused on the needs of our new(er) referees and parents - come find out how to get m...Going

Referee Coaching/Mentoring Opportunities

Seattle Coaching/Mentoring - if you are interested in partnering with us developing referees at each level (new, intermediate, advanced) there is a place for you. Reach out to our Referee Dev...Going

TONIGHT: Referee Training Wednesday 3.8

TONIGHT -- 3.8 (Wednesday) is our next Training Session of the year! We’ll be talking about DOGSO and SPA :)

Location: Greenwood Library with dinner at 5:45 and the training goes ...

Referees - Profile Photo needed to Self Assign

New(er) Referees Profile Photos Needed

Profile photos are now required to utilize Self Assigning. This will help your peers recognize you at the field and will help our Leadership ...

Dealing With Problem Parents, Coaches and Players

We have had an unusual number of unpleasant incidents with coaches and sidelines lately. Your assignors goal is to reduce these problems and make refereeing more enjoyable. In order to do tha...

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New Rules RCL U12s - please review Player Development Initiatives

New rules for RCL U12 age group - they have updated their playing rules for the U12 age group to be included within the US Soccer Player Development Initiatives Policy. Please review the att...Going

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Receiving Text Messages from SeatleRefs
Did you know that you can set up an email to text message directly to your cell phone? You can be alerted about games being posted right away.

You can list additional emails within your user profile that will send the same message to your phone as a text message. To add an email to text your cell phone:

Under the SERVICES tab go to your PROFILE tab then click on the MESSAGING tab to edit your emails. Be sure that the boxes under your subscription are checked to receive messages at each of your points of contact.

Adding an email for your carrier - enter your 10 digit phone number without spaces or dashes followed by:
- AT & T:
- Verizon:
- Sprint:
- T-Mobile:
- Cricket:

Check directly with your carrier if not listed above.

For excample - an Email sent to will go to the Verizon subscriber carrying a phone with the number 206.555.9007 - normal data rates will apply according to your mobile plan.