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Referee Educational Open House - Wed 9.28

Referees - Reminder that you are invited to our next monthly Referee Educational Open House

When: Wednesday Sept 28
Where: Northgate Library Conference Room
Time: 630p - ...Going

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Dealing With Problem Parents, Coaches and Players

We have had an unusual number of unpleasant incidents with coaches and sidelines lately. Your assignors goal is to reduce these problems and make refereeing more enjoyable. In order to do tha...

Text Messaging From SeattleRefs

Receiving Text Messages from SeatleRefs
Did you know that you can set up an email to text message directly to your cell phone? You can be alerted about games being posted right away. ...

SSRA Referee Payments

Pay Days! Seattle Referee Association is a pass through organization and can only pay referees after receiving payment from the soccer clubs you worked for. Match Reports are your time card with the clubs - those are processed and routed to the clubs for your payment. Its important that your Match Report is completed within 48 hours of your game for this process to work. We are working with clubs so that regular payments are made to you twice a month. Direct deposit is the only method of payment we use. Please make sure your bank account information (not debit card number) is in your profile so you can receive payment. The referee's name has to match the name of the account in your profile or the bank will not allow the deposit. A $5.00 fee may be charged for any incorrect banking account information that is entered in your profile which causes your payment not to be processed.

Referee Coaching/Mentoring Opportunities

Seattle Coaching/Mentoring - if you are interested in partnering with us developing referees at each level (new, intermediate, advanced) there is a place for you. Reach out to our Referee Dev...Going

Spring Rec Referee Development League

Spring Rec Referee Development League Spring Rec Soccer plays on Sundays through mid-June providing kids a chance to play some fun soccer in the off season and improve their skills by get...Going

WASRC Fitness Test

Upcoming USSF Referee Fitness Test: A current fitness test is a registration/re-certification requirement for 2023 if you are a Regional Referee, National Referee, or candidate wishing to upg...More