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WASRC September Zoom Return To Play Training Sessions

September Zoom Return To Play Training Sessions 7p

Seattle Referees - Consider joining us as we partner with the Washington State Referee Committee and host live 'Return to Play' Zoom Meet...Going

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WASRC Summer Zoom Training Sessions

The Washington State Referee Committee will be presenting a series of Zoom Training Sessions to keep our minds focused on officiating concepts. All clinics run 7p - 8p and you can register at warefere...Going

2020/21 Laws Of The Game Released

2020/21 Laws Of The Game have been released - take a few minutes and download the Mobile App and also review the other links:

Mobile App -
LOTG 2020/21 -...Going

Good news in the midst of our shutdown ... Ruby Settle

Take a look at our Facebook Page for a great story about one of our own Seattle Referees - Ruby SettleGoing

2020 Certification

If you are not yet certified for 2020 please take some time and follow the link below to complete your requirements. All training can be completed online within 2-3 hours.

Please note that you are not required to complete the Safe Sport Training modules - you can click the 'next' buttons to bypass that 90 minute module as you are only required to have access to the training as an official.

At this point the USSF still has their June 30 (typically around June 20 for WA) deadline for officials to certify for 2020 - missing this deadline could mean you cannot certify as an official until January 2021. We are hopeful that USSF will make an amendment to this policy but no word yet on that effort.

Some have asked what happens if I pay to certify for 2020 and there is no soccer this fall - USSF is also looking at potentially carrying over our 2020 certification into 2021 as a result of our Covid-19 related issues.

Any questions - please reach out to your local Assignors, Board of Directors or Referee Development Team.


Good news in the midst of our shutdown ... Michael Flor

Take a look at our Facebook Page for a great story about one of our own Seattle Referees - Michael FlorGoing